Legal Services and Corporate Reconstruction Department

Legal Services and Corporate
Reconstruction Department

  • Retainer services.
  • Informative leaflets remission.
  • Model remission: notices of meeting, agreement certifications, records, answers to members’ registrations and cancelations...
  • Consultations and reports of cooperative and partnership law, agricultural law, labour law, taxation law and contractual law.
  • Cooperatives and commercial registration: books authentication, account deposits, executive committee’s registration/management, certificates and indentures.
  • Collection and transaction managements.
  • Formalities in public or private bureaus.
  • Writing and changes of Articles of Association and Internal Scheme Regulations.
  • Contracts writing.
  • Statement documents in administrative and labour proceedings.
  • Sanction records to members and employees.
  • Labour inspections’ attendance.
  • Attendance to conciliation acts in the SMAC.
  • Briefings or meetings with authorities or civil servants.
  • Juridical and extrajudicial actions.
  • Attendance to General Assemblies and Executive Committee’s meetings.
  • Appeals.
  • Prejudicial actions in Credit Sections.
  • Jurisdictional actions. Trial’s attendance and defence.
  • Cooperative arbitrages.
  • Special actions.
  • Cooperatives’ merger, integration and amalgamation.
  • Cooperative’s winding-up and liquidation.
  • Lawyer consultant.