FooDrinks Project

FooDrinks Project

Fundación Intercoop

FooDrinks aims to improve the quality of education and employability of students and trainees as technician/technologist in food and drink quality control and safety, improving the standard for acquiring professional qualification and the Vocational Educational Training (VET) programs.

Entidad que lo regenta: Fundación Intercoop

  • Adapting the standard for professional qualification in the mentioned profession to the real needs of employers.
  • Developing training modules based on the standard “learning outcomes” oriented, that are flexible and create opportunities to use training paths leading to acquisition of the professional qualification, according to the needs of the labour market.
  • Preparing methodological guidelines for developing training modules oriented to “learning outcomes” for training institutions for initial and continuing vocational training
  • Enriching and complementing the methodology for the development of professional standards in order to increase transparency of qualifications and achieve better compliance with the real needs of employers.
  • Ensuring the flexibility of the training modules so as to provide opportunities for students/trainees to use different training and qualifications paths.
  • Agencia Nacional de Formación Profesional de Bulgaria / National Agency for Vocational Education and Training, of Sofia (Bulgaria) -
  • Fundación Intercoop / Intercoop Foundation – Castellón (Spain)
  • Univesidad “Karoly Robert” de Gyöngyös (Hungría) – Karoly Robert University College of Gyöngyös (Hungary) -      
  • Asociación Nacional de Industrias Alimentarias de París (Francia) / Food Industry National Association of Paris (France) -
  • Universidad “Vasile Alecsandri” de Bacau (Rumanía) / “Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacau (Romania) -
  • Cámara Agraria de Mersin (Turquía) / Agrarian Chamber of Mersin (Turkey) - (Turkish version only)
  • Asociaciación de Agrónomos de Kavala (Grecia) / Agronomists Association of Kavala (Greece)