Cooperative prevention of occupational risks

Cooperative prevention of
occupational risks

  • Integral management in the occupational risks prevention. This service is focused on the SECURITY, HYGIENE and ERGONOMICS areas.
  • Studies, analysis, measurements (noise, light) and appraisals in these three areas.
  • Appraisals’ revisions and updating.
  • The Prevention Plan layout and follow-up.
  • Effectiveness controls.
  • Operating procedure layout (work accidents investigation, coordination with external enterprises, etc).
  • Industrial accident rate’s follow-up and analysis.
  • The Emergency Plan layout.
  • Compilation and updating of all the necessary legal information.
  • Attendance to labour inspections, security committees and health committees.
  • Consultancy and follow-up of all the actions related to occupational risks’ prevention according to the necessities (machinery acquisition, machinery adaptation, etc).
  • Formative actions.
  • Accessible informative/formative material creation for each area.
  • Training department.
  • Personalized programmes’ layout and teaching. These programmes are exclusively for each production area (citrus fruit, oil mills, cellars, feedstuff, supplies, growing areas, dried fruit...).
  • Attendance and participation in Prevention Forums.
  • Since 2003, attendance to Laboralia – European Meeting in Occupational Security and Health (Comunidad Valenciana).
  • European projects participation.
  • Contact with the three territorial departments of the Comunidad Valenciana.
  • Specialized service in the agricultural sector: in its associated and/or participated activities.
  • High-qualified technicians who are in constant prevention training.