Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

Corporative Social Responsibility

According to the European Commission, a company obeys its Social Responsibility (SRC) when it voluntarily integrates social and environmental concerns into its business work and partnerships.

Green book. To promote a European framework for the companies’ social responsibility
Brussels, 18.7.2001
COM (2011) 366 end.

Intercoop’s principles and values integrate social commitment. We promote this social commitment through a few important steps:

  • Preserve the economic success.

  • Respect our environment.

  • Obtain a competitive advantage by carving out a good reputation among our clients and suppliers.

  • Win our employees confidence and the confidence of all the people who live near our company (social aspect).

The Group presented its first report on “Business Social Responsibility” in the IV Intercoop Annual Convention, held in 2009.

This report proved that Intercoop’s business aspirations are closely linked to its social duties and responsibilities.


SRC Report

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