RuralE Evolution Proiect

RuralE Evolution Proiect

Grupo cooperativo

Design of methodologies in order to apply public and private partnership schemes in agro energetic districts The European Commission wants to develop a new energetic concept in the rural areas based on the agro energetic districts and the cooperation amongst the main rural actors, both public and private, on the management of these agro energetic districts. In this project are studying, in five countries, from the scientific and sectorial vision the success methodology.

Empresa que lo regenta: Grupo Intercoop


  • To disseminate the concept of energetic district using the public private partnership schemes focuses in the organization model of energy production.
  • Adopting a strategic and methodological instead of use only the technological point of view in order to solve the problems which could affect to the agro energetic district implementation and development.
  • Educating local authorities, SMEs and others, especially the responsible of the territorial programs and energy supply at the local level, regarding the PPP system benefits for the agro energetic districts in order to foster the development commitment and European rural areas plan as common benefit both of entrepreneur, citizens and environment.
  • To cooperate on the organization of the bioenergetics chain in order to produce sustainable energy using the biomass in rural areas.
Italia: Coldiretti Umbria
Italia: Biomass Research Centre
España: Grupo Intercoop
España: FCVRE
Grecia: Tobacco Cooperative of Toumpa-Kilkis Prefecture
Grecia: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Portugal: CONFAGRI
Hungría: HANGYA Cooperative association